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Nintendo 3DS
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Kategorie Tool
Lizenz GPLv2

BootCTR9 ist ein Bootloader, der arm9loderhax oder boot9strap nutzt, um direkt nach dem Start zu starten.


Version Release Download Datei / Größe Quelle
1.0-pre 23. Juli 2016
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ZIP / 119KB
0.4.1-alpha 09. März 2016
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ZIP / 62,3KB
0.4-alpha 08. März 2016
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ZIP / 62,2KB
0.3-alpha 29. Februar 2016
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ZIP / 61,7KB
0.2-alpha 26. Februar 2016
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ZIP / 30,5KB
0.1-alpha 20. Februar 2016
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ZIP / 25,3KB



In this Update multiple features got added:

Support to configure the payloads screen brightness
Configurable softboot features
Fast softboot -> its now possible to automaticly load the latest payload that got loaded
Softboot splash configuration -> it's now possible enable/disable the splash on softboots
Support for top screen booanimations (compressed and uncompressed)
Automatic path patching for luma
Support for a9lh netloader companion
Support to use multiple framebuffers
Boot passwords -> prevent other people from booting anything that's not the default payload


With this release I added the possibility to configure the brightness used for screeninit. To configure it set "screenBrightness" inside of the "BOOTCTR9" section to a value between 0x0 and 0xFF.


This is the fourth working release of my arm9 bootloader.

With this release its now possible to configure the file and onscreen logging and the screeninitialisation at boot and before payload loading seperatily. Also I added a extended ascii splash, which shows the loaded payload. Also I modified the splashscreen to show bootctr9 instead of bootctr.
Also its now possible to place the arm9bootloader.bin inside of the "arm9loaderhax" folder.


This is the third working release of my arm9 bootloader.

With this release I added screen initialisation to(thanks to everybody who was working on it).
Also I added the posibility to show splashscreens, and to set a key reading delay using the global delay option.
I also added visual debug output on the bottom screen, which allows easier debugging of bugs.


This is the second working release of my arm9 bootloader.

With this release I fixed some problems where using the sd card was not working.
If available the bootloader will now try to create the logfile and read the config from the "arm9loaderhax" folder, which allows you to store the most of its files(including the target payloads) in a subfolder to keep the root directory as clean as possible. In a later release I will also add support for reading the arm9bootloader.bin file from this subfolder.


This is the first working release of my arm9 bootloader.
It is based on bootctr, which allows the users to use the old boot_config.ini, without the need to modify it.
You can use the standalone version, through building arm9loaderhax in this repository and reinstall it, or you could use the arm9loaderhax.bin included in his release to use it with any brahma payload launcher(like Cakebrah or arm9loaderhax).