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Welcome to The Homebrew Cloud!
We have currently 102 pages.
I don't upload new homebrews atm!

We are back!
We now use mediawiki instead of wordpress and a lot of homebrews are missing now, but we'll upload them as quickly as possible.
Mediawiki is new for us, so we need to learn how to use it. But I think that's no problem ^^
Public editing is planned, so that you can help us add more homebrews, but we need a good system to block trolls.
There are currently a few homebrews that you can download now. Just look at Special:AllPages.
And we are planning to add other homebrews instead of Nintendo only one. e.g. for Sony, Microsoft or Sega.
FAQ and Submit Homebrews are here:
Frequently Asked Questions
Submit Homebrews

We hope you enjoy the new site. If anything is wrong, please send us a mail to [email protected] Thanks!