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Nintendo 3DS
Entwickler meladroit
Kategorie Tool
Lizenz ISC
Format 3DSX

svdt ist ein Savegame-Manager für den Nintendo 3DS, mit dem man Speicherdateien sichern und wiederherstellen kann.


Version Release Download Datei / Größe Quelle
v0.10.42d 16. Oktober 2015
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7Z / 128KB
v0.10.42c 13. Oktober 2015
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7Z / 128KB
v0.10.42b 10. Oktober 2015
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7Z / 128KB
v0.10.42a 07. Oktober 2015
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7Z / 128KB
v0.10.42 03. Oktober 2015
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7Z / 128KB
v0.10.2 01. Oktober 2015
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7Z / 122KB
v0.10.1 16. September 2015
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7Z / 122KB
v0.10 12. September 2015
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7Z / 122KB
v0.3a 10. September 2015
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7Z / 122KB
v0.3 09. September 2015
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7Z / 121KB
v0.3-alpha 08. September 2015
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v0.2a 08. September 2015
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7Z / 120KB
v0.2 06. September 2015
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7Z / 86,9KB
v0.1a 05. September 2015
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7Z / 84,5KB



Trailing spaces in folder names were breaking save file backups (#13). This should now be fixed by not having trailing spaces in the first place.
Added controls to use ZL/ZR or C-stick to scroll up/down the directory listing more quickly.
Various console/UI tweaks and improvements.
Oh, I don't know, stability or something.


I'm just going to put suloku's summary here. Take it away:
* Use title fetching for emergency mode too.
* Disabled printf in mh4u decryption code (it is called before the console is initiated and it messes it up).
* Disabled MH4U secure value patching until we know if it really uses secure value or not (via impossible product code)
Two users have now said that they could restore old savegames from MH4U with no problem, so I think until somebody complains about ASR for that game it's better to assume it doesn't use it.
In addition, the title selector is now skipped provided that svdt successfully fetches the title ID at startup.


This is an emergency fix with the actual MH4U/MH4G product code instead of the Pokémon Alpha Sapphire product code. Apologies for any damage caused.


This is an emergency fix release to redact full stops from backup folder names. Otherwise, this release is identical to 0.10.42.


Good things in this release:
Efforts by the usual suspects (i.e. suloku and ctrulib maintainers) have brought you a solution to issue #2 at long last—svdt will auto-detect digital titles thanks to a function previously overlooked in APT:U. It will still ask for confirmation, but the default choice should be the correct title. (The only reason this is still v0.10.x is because this feature is so long overdue that svdt doesn't deserve a version jump because of it.)
Based on the above, svdt finally automatically fetches secure values for digital titles at startup based on the product code, rather than shady filesystem-based guesses. Again, svdt will ask for confirmation, and if svdt is somehow wrong at startup, it will re-fetch secure values based on the correction.
suloku has also implemented some secure value handling for MH4U/MH4G involving blowfish decryption and re-encryption, and would be the person to contact about this functionality in case of any problems (or successes!).
asr.dat is now recommended, as it doesn't seem to cause problems.


Not a major release—just some nice UI improvements plus some additional asr.dat entries, courtesy of some very nice people.

Also note that auto-detecting title IDs should be possible soon, as apparently it's actually possible to use APT:GetProgramID (thanks suloku et al for actually working on this). Expect v0.10.3 really, really soon.


Thanks to suloku, development continues with new changes:
If you're using suloku's modified boot.3dsx, svdt automatically fetches the title ID for digital targets.
Paths for certain configuration files are no longer hardcoded as under /3ds/svdt/, and are instead always relative to the executable path.
Using the presence of /main to infer secure values at startup is now disabled, since the ORAS demo breaks this.
asr.dat now includes parameters for the SSB demo as well as for SSB.


Well, the 3DS firmware version jumped to 10.0 with no noticeable improvements, so I don't see why svdt can't jump to 0.10, especially since this release actually has some improvements:
Some text is now teal. It's a lovely shade.
Save data backups are automatically done at startup, unless there is a non-empty file named 'disable_auto_backups' in /3ds/svdt/ (the same directory as svdt.3dsx).
Sorting is by name by default, unless there is a non-empty file named 'no_alpha_sort' in /3ds/svdt/.
For overwriting or deleting files, confirmation is now done by pressing SELECT, rather than by repeating the first button press.
While copying directories, svdt will now ask for confirmation if a file is about to be overwritten. To overwrite or skip all conflicting filenames in the directory, hold down L/R buttons while choosing.
When an action needs confirmation, there will be a small indicator along the last line of the upper screen. This line normally shows the target title (if known).
This release includes asr.dat in the release files. asr.dat has been known to work for a while, but I just forgot to include it with the binaries. It optionally goes in /3ds/svdt/, along with the other release files.

This release also marks, for the time being, the end of active development of svdt on my part, as I'm burning out on it. I think svdt is pretty feature-filled as it is, considering it wasn't meant to be much more than a proof-of-concept. I will continue to maintain svdt if I can, so pull requests and issue reports are always welcome.


Another minor incremental release, with a few tiny new options:
Pressing SELECT still reprints instructions, but now also changes sort order between by time and by name.
If svdt knows the target app uses secure values, it will prompt the user with the choice of enabling anti-anti savegame restore measures. These measures are still automatically applied in emergency mode.
The release also fixes overwriting a smaller file to replace a larger original one.


This is the first version for which Pokémon Rumble World restores actually work. The recommended procedure is to first delete /00slot00/ entirely from save data, and then restore your copy of the 00slot00/ directory.


Some moderately exciting stuff here:
_Rudimentary, highly experimental support against anti-savegame restore._ This has been tested once, on Pokémon Shuffle. Use at your own risk. This is broken right now for Pokémon Rumble World (working out the kinks on compressing back to an acceptable file).
Enhancements to copying all save data to SD. In interactive mode, pressing Y while save data root was selected would automatically copy the data to a subdirectory of the SD cwd. Now, not only does svdt ask for confirmation to copy all save data, but it also gives you the option of copying the data to sd:/svdt/[title]/[timestamp]/ as would happen in an emergency extraction.
Almost forgot to mention: holding down up/down scrolls through the listing more quickly without additional button presses.


This release mainly fixes an issue with game titles that have characters forbidden in FAT directory names. (Animal Crossing: New Leaf is just a bundle of trouble for svdt, isn't it?) Thanks for the report, Blazingflare!

However, keep an eye on that debug output. We're trying to resolve issue #1, and the source code shows some theoretical progress that isn't too far off from being tested ...


v0.2 brings a somewhat important change: app titles.

App titles are automatically obtained from games on gamecards.
App titles are prompted for if the target app is on the SD card.
Emergency dumps of all save data are now stored in sd:/svdt/[title]/[timestamp] if a title is given or obtainable.
Interactive dumps of all save data are still stored in a new subdirectory of the working directory, but the subdirectory name is now [title]_[timestamp] rather than [timestamp].
Note, however, that emergency save injections still work from sd:/svdt_inject.


Changes since repo was first posted publicly:
Emergency mode was implemented.
Overwrite doesn't throw NULL around anymore.

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