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This is the FAQ. Read this before you ask. If you didn’t find an answer, you can send us a mail. (Last edit: 10. January 2017)

1. What is “The Homebrew Cloud“?
The Homebrew Cloud is an online archive for various homebrews. Especially for Nintendo consoles. Other systems are planned in the future, but not possible yet because this is a one-man-project.

2. Where is version x.x from xxx?
If you can’t find the version you want, you can send us a request via mail and we looking for that version. If we find them, we add it to our database. Otherwise, we add it to the Missing Homebrews list.

3. Where are the downloads for freeShop and/or CIAngel? I can’t find it anymore!
These homebrews (and more) are banned. See the Blacklist for more information.

4. I need a password to extract the files! What is the password?
The password is

5. You uploaded my homebrew without my permissions! Remove it!
Yes, we upload the most homebrews without permission of the authors. If you find your homebrew on our site and you don’t want this, just send us a mail and we remove it from our database. But we must be sure that you are the real author and not a troll. The easiest way is over Twitter or GBAtemp. Please understand.