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Nintendo 3DS
Entwickler Rinnegatamante
Kategorie Tool
Lizenz Proprietär
Unterstützt 4.1 bis 10.7
Format 3DS, 3DSX, CIA

NASA ist ein CIA-Installer für den Nintendo 3DS. Die Entwicklung wurde eingestellt.


Version Release Download Datei / Größe Quelle
1.6 13. April 2016
Download button.png
RAR / 1,15MB
1.5 03. April 2016
Download button.png
RAR / 1,09MB
1.4 10. März 2016
Download button.png
RAR / 1,08MB
1.3 12. Februar 2016
Download button.png
RAR / 1,06MB
1.2 26. Januar 2016
Download button.png
RAR / 1,06MB
1.1 17. Januar 2016
Download button.png
RAR / 1,06MB
1.0 11. Januar 2016
Download button.png
RAR / 188KB



- Improved svchax bootrate. Now should be much more stable and reliable.
- Added a Controls List popup appearing when pressing START.
- Completely rewrote Houston. Now it shouldn't have problem sending files in certain circumstances like before.
- Now imported contents can be deleted from PC with a simple FTP client.
- Now NASA supports network installation through FTP protocool (so you can send CIA files from whatever device which have an FTP client).
- Now network installation can be done also for NAND contents.
- Added support for custom themes in NASA.
- Now NASA will list also size and version of installed contents.
- Added "Size to install" (size for CIA files when they will be installed) and version info for CIA files in filebrowser.
- Now in Filebrowser if you press B, you'll return in the previous directory (like if you open "..")
- Fixed problem with Delete After Install feature. Now it will not crash the system anymore.


- Increased bootrate for svchax (fw 9.3 - 10.7).
- Now svchax supports any kind of system between fw 9.3 - 10.7.


- Added support for firmwares between 10.4 - 10.6.
- Now NASA correctly exits to Homebrew Menu on firmwares between 9.3 N10.6. (If you perform svchax).
- Added a selector on startup for firmwares between 9.3 - 10.3 to select which exploit to perform (svchax/memchunkhax2).


- Added a debug console on startup which will show you memchunkhax progress.
- Added multichain installation feature by pressing Y when a directory is selected.
- Now NASA will not try to perform any kind of hack if you're on a CFW.
- A bit of re-styling in NASA controls.
- Added a lot of new titles to Titles Database Parser.


- Added memchunkhax1 for firmware 9.2 or lower support.
- Added CIA and 3DS versions of the homebrew.
- Added Network Installation feature and Houston basic sender.
- Now Confirmation screens are more detailed.
- Now NASA will boot in Filebrowser Mode.
- Added NAND contents installation feature (Use R button to switch between SDMC and NAND).
- Now importing speed will be showed during importing phase.
- Added missing homebrews to title parser.

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