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Nintendo 3DS
Entwickler Pirater12
Kategorie Tool
Lizenz Unbekannt
Unterstützt 9.0.0 bis 11.3.0
Format 3DSX

OCS war ein One-Click-Setup-Tool für den Nintendo 3DS, mit welchem in ein paar Schritten boot9strap mit Luma3DS installiert werden konnte. Die Entwicklung wurde eingestellt und es funktioniert auch nicht mehr.


Version Release Download Datei / Größe Quelle
v1.2.5 13. September 2017
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ZIP / 224KB GitHub.com
v1.2 13. September 2017
Download button.png
ZIP / 224KB GitHub.com
v1.1 10. September 2017
Download button.png
ZIP / 224KB GitHub.com
v1.0 07. September 2017
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ZIP / 221KB GitHub.com



Fixed a critical bug.
Refer to https://3ds.guide/ for instructions


Some cool new features added in this release:-
A total progress bar
Skip downloading of files if they already exsist
Cleanup of the messy UI
Database errors fixed
2 non-critical bugs fixed
Automatic production of boot.3dsx
Some other I-am-not-able-to-remember features
Refer to https://3ds.guide/ for further instructions


Time for a new release, two bugs were reported by the community:-
1.) Godmode9 not showing up
2.) Unable to access hbl

Both were fixed and some new features were added to make this app even better:-
1.) Hardcoded links were removed and replaced by a proper GitHub API parser
2.) Logging support was added, (ocs.log on the root of your sd card)
3.) Some neat UI changes.


This is the very first release, so expect some bugs. To use it, download ocs.3dsx, rename it to boot.3dsx and put it in the root of your sd-card.